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{uccx scripting: write xml doc w/o keyword transform step}

This post was inspired by a conversation on the Cisco Technical Support Forums that was originally pinned in 2007 (fwiw I was still in the US Army then).

Can I write an xml document other than using the template file and keyword tranform step?
I have too many values (1000+) to transform, it would take too long to enter them manually in the keyword transform step…

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{uccx scripting: after hours transfer automation}

Product: UCCX 8.x + with Enhanced License or better
Scenario: During after hours, you want to have the ability to automate the process of assigning the Representative who will answer the calls. The rotation occurs every week; the on call assignment/duration is MON-SUN.
Problem: I’m quoting someone who commented on a potential method of setting up an automated way of doing this: “You are right but it doesn’t work the way I’m thinking. Such as an on-call rotation. Still need to Manually hit a button.” What I’m demonstrating here solves that very statement…but with UCCX…
Disclaimer: There are a few other ways to do what I’m about to demonstrate, which have in fact been demonstrated on the Cisco technical support forums..If you use this script you use with limited support, but I do love to answer questions especially when it involves solving a puzzle..Obviously if this script isn’t abstracted enough for your use and you don’t understand that IF Step(you will come to see shortly 🙂 then you may find yourself in trouble if you use this.
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