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{uccx scripting: db get data}

In this follow up post to DB integration in UCCX, we’re finally going to attempt to get our hands dirty..First we’ll start easy and pull out a simple set of data from a single table with an easy sql statement. I also want to utilize the Java Array type in order to hopefully dispel any intimidation you might have toward this object (variable). And lastly, I’m going to write some equivalent Java code around JDBC that does away with the built-in Cisco steps to “open” your mind to the fact that although Cisco has a specific step for something doesn’t necessary require you to use it..(this will obviously be geared to those of you out there with some programming experience..whether it is C, python, perl, php, etc).
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{uccx scripting for sql: the tools pt1}

I may not get this write 🙂 the first time..if that is the case..let me know. As a pre disclaimer..there aren’t any UCCX Scripts written for this post…this is a primer for it though..

How often do CCX engineers find themselves on an engagement that has DB integration as part of it? Today I’m going to start a series on Database Integration. Pickup any UCCX Scripting Statement of Work, and 9 times out of 10 you will see DB Integration referred to as ‘Database Dips’ and as standard procedure these are typically disallowed (along with screenpops!). My guess to the disclaimer might be the steep licensing costs for DB Dips but from my viewpoint it is because they strike fear in the heart of the engineer who has to integrate with them. From experience, I was one of those fearful engineers (and I’ll just go out and say that I’m mostly speaking for myself here..but I would imagine someone reading this post will be able to identify with me). Database Integration is not so difficult though. As the developer, the first thing you need to know up front is the DB we’ll be dealing with because Cisco’s documentation is very straightforward on what is/is not supported just refer to the CCX Administration Guide. So the first step is NOT to panic..as much as you might not think it, you can find the support you need to be successful; you have me..but with the Caveats that go along with me..I’m not going to do your job for you..if you want me to do that..someone does have to pay for my time and efforts..You can find a prime example of how I might help you here; in fact that is a good place to ask the questions that I might be able to help you with to begin with..Ultimately, if I don’t break it down good enough for you (eventually) then I’m not doing the job I set out to do with this blog to begin with..So Let’s Get Started.

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