{a cisco spark auth API “shim”}

For those of you who will be creating Spark Bots that need to be able to perform authentication to get an access_token and/or refresh_token without a FrontEnd Authorization flow..currently there is no way to do that..until now.  First however, you have to use a NON-Corporate/SSO Account (@wwt.com accounts do not work as I would imagine other CORP entities): I have a GMAIL account (cscospark@gmail.com) which works perfectly.

How does it work:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"user":"spark email","pass": "spark password", "id":"app client_id","secret":"app client_secret","redirectUri":"spark app redirect_uri"}' --insecure

If you execute the request with the proper credentials passed in..a JSON object will be returned with an Access_Token and Refresh_Token as referred and commented on here.

If you are interested in perhaps a bit more documentation of the API and/or want to take a look at the code: https://github.com/drkchiloll/cscospark-websvcs.git

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