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{uccx scripting: db subsystem setup}

When I last left you in regards to ‘UCCX DB Integration’ I was talking about the tools that help aid you when you have a project that calls for you to interact with an external DataBase within a UCCX Script. Ok, it has been over 2 months and I still haven’t posted a part 2 in this “sql” series. Last week a friend asked me to help get him started with integrating with an MS SQL Server because as he said it..’it has been a while since I last did this.’

Product: UCCX 8.x + with Premium License, MS SQL Server 2000
Scenario: You need to interact with a MS SQL Server.

Most of this post is going to be in this point there will not be any code (that I leave behind) I’m just going to focus on setting up the DB Subsystem and testing the DB Connection from there.. and from the tool I use, which I previously introduced, called RazorSQL. Let’s get started:
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