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{uccx script development: the language and variables}

I don’t know where this blog will take us..but my initial thoughts and ideas are exciting enough and I hope to spur lots of conversations on “coding” for Contact Center and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for the Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX) Platform (at least initially).  My goal is to expose the product for what it is:  and you’ve got to ask yourself..well what is it?  Actually it is a lot of different things..if you are on this site you should know the basics..and I will rarely go over the basics of the Platform..Basics of Programming (coding) YES! Basics of CCX Integration etc..HARDLY!  UCCXX is a very powerful platform for Contact Center/IVR Application Development..and this blog is centering around How to Develop (Scripts/Apps) for it..

What precisely does that mean..Develop Scripts/Apps for the platform?…well we’ll be writing Java based (granted we have the appropriate Enhanced License) Applications..whether IP IVR and/or Call Center (logic) Applications (more than likely both).  Even if you don’t have a “Java license” you still should be able to write C-Based Programming expressions. You could be are Java and C related..or what is Java..what is C? Java is a C enspired language based on object oriented programming (OOP) language and the syntax is based on C.  You can use the traditional iF, SWITCH, FOR, WHILE, DO WHILE (not a DO Step) type statements and not have to instantiate Java Objects (which you can only perform when you have an Enhanced CCX License or above). You may not know what some/any of this stuff means at this point..but I’ll eventually use these in some of the scripts that I show as examples..and will try to explain them then..
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